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At Smilekraft Dental Clinic, we prioritize your dental health, providing both adult and children orthodontic treatments to enhance your smile and align your teeth. Under the guidance of Seawoods’ premier orthodontist, our braces and teeth alignment procedures are swift, effective, and genuinely caring for you or your children.

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What is Orthodontic Treatment?

The exterior layer of teeth naturally endures wear from biting, cleaning, and acidic foods. Teeth whitening revitalizes teeth by eliminating debris from the enamel’s surface, contributing to a standout smile. It’s a concealed asset for those aiming to exude attractiveness within social circles, leaving a lasting impact.

When you choose Smilekraft Dental Clinic, expect superior teeth bleaching in Seawoods through cutting-edge cosmetic dentistry methods, all at competitive prices.

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Who Can Undergo Orthodontic Treatment?

Both children and adults can benefit from orthodontic treatments. It’s suitable for children as young as 8 years old and adults over 50 years old, provided they have healthy bone for tooth movement. The orthodontist selects appropriate materials based on the patient’s age and treatment needs, offering braces for patients of all ages.

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Children Orthodontics (Kids Braces)

Initiating treatment during a child's growth phase yields optimal results. Most treatments commence between 8 and 14 years when jawbone development is ongoing. Early intervention allows for precise measurement of teeth size via diagnostic radiographs, facilitating precise planning for permanent teeth space and guiding teeth and jaw alignment for stability.

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Adult Orthodontics (Adult Braces)

There's no age restriction for adults seeking orthodontic treatment. Teeth can be moved at any age, and the process remains consistent across all age groups. Because creating a "good bite" and a beautiful smile is achievable at any stage of life.

Moreover, modern orthodontic advancements have shortened treatment duration to 18 to 24 months. Benefits include easier teeth cleaning, preventing gum disease, a leading cause of tooth loss in older adults.

Orthodontic Treatments at Smilekraft Dental Clinic

Led by the expert orthodontist in Seawoods, we offer diverse orthodontic treatments to meet your needs:

1. Invisalign Invisible Braces

Utilizing advanced technology, Invisalign involves clear aligners gradually aligning improperly positioned teeth. We collaborate closely with Invisalign to ensure tailored solutions best suited to our patients.

2. Metal Braces

Sturdy stainless steel braces ensure durability, quality, and ease of installation and cleaning.

3. Clear Ceramic Braces 

Made from ceramic material, these translucent brackets blend with natural tooth color, resisting stains throughout treatment.

4. Self Ligating braces 

Metal or ceramic Self ligating braces take the comfort level of treatment up a notch. 

5. Hidden Braces: 

Metal brackets placed behind teeth make these braces invisible from the outside, another treatment available at Smilekraft Dental Clinic.

In complex cases where jaws are misaligned, surgery may be necessary. For the best orthodontic option, consult our specialists at Smilekraft Dental Clinic in Seawoods.

Patient Testimonials

Amrita Chatterjee
Amrita Chatterjee
Vinothini is a dream doc. She is too cute and nice
Sarath u s
Sarath u s
One of the best dentist in seawoods and Nerul. Highly recommended. Very good doctors. I did my RC there and i was really comfortable with the treatment.
prema kannan
prema kannan
She did my implant and I'm super happy with the results .hygienic clinic. Always on time. They don't keep us waiting. Charges affordable for the excellent service by Dr Vinothini, the consultants and her staff
Subin Kumaran
Subin Kumaran
I would recommend this clinic for any sort of dental work. I have been switching clinics since a long time until i found this one. All the staff working there are skilled and very cooperative especially Rasika Pawar her assistant and the owner Vinothini. One stop for all your dental needs
aisha shareef
aisha shareef
Totally committed, and dedicated warm and caring doctor. The other plus points are her hands onn i. e. Dr. Rasika and the help Sapna. Very approachable and concerned for the well-being of their patient. Kudos to the team it was a great experience, with negligible pain. Keep up the good work girls.. My best wishes to u all. my personal recommendations to visit her clinic if you have dental problem.
Atig Bagchi
Atig Bagchi
Got my tooth filled yesterday. The filling was done so well that I don't even feel as if something changed. Really smooth experience!

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